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"Nothing is Permanent"

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September 2014


September marks the end of my first year in Denver.  Strangely enough, it feels like I haven’t been here very long, and that I’ve always been here.  I still feel like a tourist in a place I call home and home in places that really aren’t home.

Nothing has changed and yet everything’s different.

I find it comforting that everything seems to never stay the same.  I find that comfort in the chaos and excitement in the changes around me.  One year in the books, and all I can think about is what is the same now and what may not be in another year. 

I just have to remember the lesson the leaves teach us each Fall. 

Everything Changes.


At the #denverdish Biking in RMNP Garden

Untitled Baker's tank square Untitled

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John Mayer ~ Love Soon

Glad You’re There

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August 2014

No Buts.

August has been full.  Full of work, play, travel and hours I would never make up while sleeping. I don’t have a good thought for the month.  My brain is fairly fried.

So my mini theme of the month is: don’t be afraid to let life take you places. You may not know how you got where you ended up, but you’ll be glad you’re there.


This Union Station place is pretty classy. Another successful beginning of the semester for my international students @CUDenver #CUDenver The Nurse

Indian Paintbrush Old Synagogue near my apt Fargo Square

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Time To Run - Lord Huron

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